Utility Infrastucture
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Sustainable Energy and Carbon Neutrality

Perhaps your organisation has low carbon emission targets to meet and you are unsure where to start. Maybe you have been affected by increasingly volatile energy prices, or you are simply concerned about ever-decreasing supplies of fossil fuels. Whatever your reasons for seeking a sustainable energy strategy, UPL can deliver the right solution to fit your business.

With extensive experience in both existing and emerging renewable energy technologies, UPL offers feasible, cost-effective sustainable energy solutions. Whether your project involves the design and installation of a major sustainable energy system, or you simply require an energy consultant to assess your organisation's energy-saving potential, our highly qualified team provides a professional service to maximise your success.

From a wide range of existing and emerging renewable technologies, we will identify the most practical and cost-effective solution to meet the energy demand profile of your organisation. Whether your project requires photovoltaic, wind, ground source heating or biomass energy, UPL’s sustainable energy systems can easily be incorporated into the design or reconstruction of new or existing projects.

No matter what your requirements, we can deliver a bespoke campaign to resolve all of your sustainable energy issues. From one-day site visits to in-depth investigations, we can conduct appropriate feasibility studies to formally assess the sustainable viability of a site. We also provide specialist planning advice, design and implementation support services. As a wholly independent organisation, UPL is not tied to any third-party manufacturer or supplier – so you can guarantee that we will provide the most efficient, affordable and practical sustainable energy solution for your business.

Achieving a 'carbon neutral' status

A carbon neutral organisation achieves net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount offset. Where possible, UPL can help ensure that your organisation achieves a carbon neutral status. By using energy from renewable sources and implementing a strategy of sustainable development, we can help you to significantly reduce your carbon emissions first – so that only unavoidable emissions need to be offset.