Effective management equals
efficient energy use

Automatic Monitoring & Targeting (aM&T)

Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) is the basis for all effective energy management. Reducing your bills and subsequent carbon footprint cannot happen without detailed monitoring of your actual utility use.

UPL’s sophisticated aM&T software provides an accurate and comprehensive breakdown of consumption throughout your business.

Highly effective over multi-site organisations, our systems analyse consumption data (provided automatically from your smart/ half-hourly meter) and present it daily via pre-set reports. Over a short period of time, you will be able to build a clear picture of your energy usage, enabling you to monitor and control your output.

Example reporting includes:

  • Consumption usage
  • Daily profiles
  • Day v night v weekend usage
  • Maximum demand
  • Load profiling

With the right data at your disposal you can easily begin to target areas for improvement and set parameters for usage. Daily monitoring will enable you to quickly identify areas of excessive use. These areas can then be investigated, giving you clear visibility of the areas where energy is simply being wasted.

UPL’s aM&T software can also be used to input benchmarked data so that you can compare your energy management to company/industry standards. We can also adjust the time period for collection of data so that the reporting you receive fits your exact business model. Our unique exception reporting provides clients with regular alerts of fluctuations in consumption over set targets, pinpointing the exact location so that problems can be dealt with promptly and efficiently.