Feed In Tariff

Getting paid for generating energy is a key part of the FIT scheme. To do this, you need the right meter and accurate data. As a leading smart meter provider in the UK, UPL can assess your needs and ensure you select the right option for your business or project.

Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) became available in Great Britain on 1st April 2010. Under this scheme energy suppliers make regular payments to householders and communities who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources such as SOLAR electricity panels or WIND turbines. Download for more general information on the FIT scheme.

How can UPL help?

UPL can provide consultancy, connection management, metering and data services which will meet your business requirements. Our experience in providing such services to both end-users and the electricity supply industry is substantial with clients who depend upon certainty of outcome favouring UPL as their service provider.

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In more detail, Our service offer breaks down into:

• Provision of suitable metering for recording ‘total generation’ as required by the FIT scheme.

• Provision of suitable export metering.*

• Remote data (meter reading and profile data as appropriate) download from meters in order to receive payments in accordance with FIT scheme requirements.

• Management of the registration process on FIT and ROO-FIT installation applications.

• Ongoing validation of FIT meter readings and payments to ensure accuracy and appropriate indexation

• Connection management and liaison with DNO