Utility Infrastructure
& Energy Management


From a small rural diversion to an extensive urban development, thorough planning of any utility project is essential. If any detail is overlooked, the consequences can prove extremely costly.

Having worked on all types of utility infrastructure projects over the past two decades, UPL has a qualified team of utility designers to ensure all utility aspects of your project have been taken into account. With extensive multi-utility knowledge, we ensure that all elements fuse correctly, suggesting alternatives where necessary and delivering industry-standard designs and estimates that are clear, concise and cost-effective.

UPL’s network design and planning capabilities range from the design of new distribution systems to the maintenance and refurbishment of existing systems at all voltage ranges, up to and including 132kV. A suitably authorised senior UPL engineer checks and approves all schemes before submission to the client in order to ensure a high level of quality control.

We also have the ability to merge into ongoing projects, providing diversions, alterations and new connections over existing networks. Our experienced utility designers will ensure that your requirements fit seamlessly into existing works and, where necessary, make requests to all incumbent operators for the appropriate moves, additions or adjustments to existing utility infrastructure.

As a completely independent solutions provider, UPL always guarantees that projects meet our clients' exact requirements, to save the maximum amount of time and money. Uniquely, UPL will also commit to delivery of service level agreements (SLAs) and fixed milestone based contracts across the whole range; from the design of new distribution systems and connections to the inspection and re-design of existing projects and across all utilities. All designs are subjected to a robust quality control system before issuing.